Today, I want to introduce what aging means to NOSTIME products. Whenever returning customers come to the shop for a visit, I am curious to see how their strap has aged since their purchase. Aging imparts an unique character to each strap that is only achieved through the repeated wear of the wearer. 

Pictured here is the Roughout strap. Its soft, suede texture makes for a comfortable ride on the wrist. The color is an unoffending sand/beige, which helps it pair better with the majority of watches. As much as I do love a dab of color on the wrist sometimes, as a general rule, the more colorful the strap, the pickier it is with its partner.

While the Roughout has its own merits, sometimes a darker color does better, especially with monotone watches. Although the Cocoa Nubuck strap might do the job, the Roughout can as well. In fact, if aged, you can achieve a very unique color and rich texture that isn’t available through any mass-manufacture means.

Those who enjoy the Roughout in its plain color would be pleased to know it won’t age unless you want it to. This is because the back side of the strap is sweatproof. To age the Roughout, the front side (the side visible when worn) needs to be gradually exposed to natural oils and sweat that follow with repeated wear. Easy does it!

The aged Roughout pictured here has reached its maximum aging limit, and won’t react to more changes in wear. Less aged sections of the strap relative to other more aged areas will exhibit a nice gradient as it transitions between multiple shades.

As a general rule, the lighter the strap is in its original state, the less it has been dyed to start with. This is why the Roughout reacts so well to aging- aging straps such the Cocoa Nubuck won’t have much of an effect. 

In this sense, aging a strap is a very personal process. It is a process that only you can catalyze. Every strap ages differently - I am curious to know how yours will age as well!

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