It's been long since so called 'limited edition' became nothing but a superficial show. What is the point of making something in a 'limited' edition if it comes out so often and in such a large quantity? Every big house of the watch industry puts up their 'limited' sign on the yard these days, and, quite contrary to the very notion, supposedly limited products are collecting dusts on the display shelf year after year. Maybe these watches were manufactured in a 'limited' number of tens of thousands. 

Everyone knows limited edition means an outdated, abused marketing tool. As the limited edition tag no longer means higher value, one may turn to the real limited stuff, like the customized logo watches. 

Logo watches are made to order to celebrate or commemorate events or anniversaries by adding customized logos, trademarks or phrases. These watches are awarded on various occasions and to persons like employee with exceptional achievement, powerful man on his birthday, or someone with exemplary records.

Current value of the logo watches are assessed based on their variety, scarcity due to their non-commercial nature, and obscurity about their exact quantity and occasion. Most popular gift logo watches are Rolex, of course - who wouldn't want a Rolex as a gift, whatever the logo was?

1. Arab States' Crest Logo
Many Sheikhs and Excellencies of the oil-producing Arab countries ordered their crest logo watches, and gave them away as a token of benevolence to their subordinates and as a diplomatic gift to foreign country officials. Countries like Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, Kuwait, Syria and Lybia have had such gift watches customized with national crest logos, names or photos of the influential men.


2. Company Logo
North American food companies and oil-drilling groups usually had their logo watches made as a gift to their employees for their achievements and long career records. Such watches were later unofficially circulated in the vintage market by the employees themselves or their families. These watches are found in the market from time to time, and more of them will continue to show up.


3. Game Logo
Game logo watches were awarded to the winners, participants, VIP guests and sponsors of major sports events like car race, golf tournament and charity game. Those were often seen at the tournaments sponsored by watch companies, such as the American college football league 'Cotton Bowl' under Rolex's sponsorship between the 60's and 70's, and the Junior Golf Foundation games hosted by Nick Price.