I usually don’t take extra watches with me when I travel. I usually go with a simple G-shock (because probably there’s something else new to put on my wrist when I return!). For that reason I’ve never needed those multi-pocketed watch rolls, nor really thought about making one.

But when I do take extras, I take only one more with me. Because of this, I made for myself a small leather pouch that can comfortably and securely store one watch, plus a few bits and bobs I might need on my trip.

A while back, a friend of mine wanted some for himself, and suggested I make them available for general sale. So, after a few finishing touches, I have now decided that these pouches are now ready to be released.

I wanted to do better than the average random pouch found in the wife’s closet. So I set out to customize the design to high standards. I added a small inner flap to the cover to protect the edges.

I did not like how the metal buttons on other pouches clanked against the crystal, so I remedied that by covering any exposing metal with leather.

I also ensured plenty of space by adding an extra piece of leather between the body and the cover. This also doubles as a stabilizer when smaller watches are fitted.

I have been picky about the leather as usual. I’m using the old faithful Bridle leather from Joseph Clayton England. I’ve often used bridle leather in fulfilling custom strap orders, and it is highly requested for their durability and ability to age with style under the harshest of conditions.

I hand-finish each product myself with their special company cream before shipping.

The English heritage of Bridle is what inspired me to offer the pouches in four colors: black, Royal red, Chestnut brown, and Racing green.

If you’re a light packer like me, or if you’re looking for a way to safely store something else with style, I’d like to recommend these.