In the 1980's Seiko was literally invincible. Its superior technology and price competitiveness drove many of its European rivals in shock and panic. Developed during this period was Seiko's quartz chronograph movement '7A28', which would still inspire us with a feeling of awe. Their reputation was proven when Seiko's chronograph was supplied to the Royal Air Force, perhaps one of the hardest-to-please customers in the world, for more than 10 years. (RAF issue watch was specially manufactured in accordance with the British Defense Ministry's official specifications. 

However, materpiece movement that some even believe is better than the Swiss ones, Seiko made a total failure in properly encasing the 7A28. Cheapy plated cases and 10 different variants, shabby bracelets were simply pathetic. This design disaster saw a little improvement later in 1983 however, through a collaboration with a famous Italian industrial designer Giorgetto Giugiaro. 

Giorgetto Giugiaro and DE LOREAN 'DMC-12'

Although Giugiaro's specialty was in the car designs, the Seiko watch he designed, 7A28-7000, attracted a sensational response in the market immediately after release. It became evident that Giugiaro's talent in the 1980's far exceeded the boundary of motor industry.

Giugiaro thoroughly ignored the existing rule of watch designs, i.e. "form follows function." 7A28-7000's two-dimensional and angled edges, unconventional placement of chronograph buttons as well as the uncomfortable, half-rectangular shaped case were the last things people expected of Seiko watches.

7A28 Series 


As the 7A28-7000 model still looks unique to the contemporary eyes, it is easy to guess that the watch must have seemed like a Sci-Fi gadget at that time. Surprisingly enough, this idea was realized in Hollywood, when Ripley, heroine of the Sci-Fi action movie 'Aliens' appeared on screen wearing this watch. It was one of the prime moments of Seiko's marketing success (another came along when Seiko had Jame Bond wear their watch). Thanks to its appearance in Aliens, 7A28-7000 is still ranked high on the movie prop collectors' wish list.

Probably in appreciation of this little success, Seiko decided to go once again on a collaboration with Giugiaro by releasing the 30th anniversary model of 7A28-7000. This new anniversary model looks much more colorful and prettier than the original, so go ahead and google 'Seiko Giorgetto Giugiaro' if interested.