A few months earlier, a friend of mine brought this Wiha plastic analog caliper along. 

I already had gotten myself a stainless steel digital caliper a while back. 

But after a few tries, I started to really like it. When I went back to my old caliper, I realized just how many details had subconsciously irked me before. 

In an analog caliper, the measurement values are mechanically guaranteed. In this Wiha caliper, there is a small gear that rotates as the caliper is operated. The gear runs along a line of teeth at the center of the caliper. This gear is then connected to a small hand, which indicates the reading at the dial.


This is in contrast to digital calipers. Very rarely does a digital caliper read exactly zero when it is fully shortened for storage after use. The caliper always reads an annoying value like 0.02mm, which then puts into question if I should subtract 0.02 from whatever I just last measured. But with analog calipers, there is no such issue.


I use the caliper the most when measuring case dimensions, and every time I clank the caliper against the watch case, I wonder if I should be using a ruler instead. There’s something unsettling about it! So, the safe plastic construction was a welcome change.


My philosophy is that I don’t offer anything until I’ve tested and verified it myself - and that is why I am now stocking these Wiha calipers on the store now. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.