Do you find yourself pondering Grand Seiko's cumbersome repair procedure and seemingly high price tag for a first time buyer?  There are of course many charms to owning a Grand Seiko.  Beauty, combined with precision and legibility, not to mention pleasure of seeing the watch wear and age with use, an experience seldom had with ordinary watches.  With that in mind, we would like to introduce a particular Seiko model as a way to dip your toes in before you take the plunge into Grand Seiko.

Released during the latter half of 1990's and discontinued after a short production run, Seiko's SUS series, which stood for "Simple" and "Strong" with the "U" uniting the two, breathed new air into the military watch scene worldwide, even though it was a Japanese domestic model.  Among the series was a white-dial model, which was produced in even briefer period and not rigorously marketed like the black-dial model. 

 Affectionately called "Seiko Polar SUS", this rare white model of the former years has been recently re-issued as SCXP161, a limited edition piece in collaboration with Tokyo-based clothing and jewelry designer/retailer Nano-Universe.

Generally, re-issue models take only a few design cues from the original with the aim of reinvigorating the existing product lineup.  But the SCXP161 has attracted attention among Seiko watch aficionados for its faithful re-production of the original Polar SUS model.

The case is made of durable stainless steel that is factory distressed with micro scratches, giving off a slightly rustic sheen.  The simple, clean dial is unique to the SUS's high-legibility design.  Unlike the black-dial model, popular among military watch collectors, the Polar SUS's white dial boasts an elegant look that is also suitable for business meetings, making this a great watch for casual or formal wear.

Grand Seiko's quartz movement is well-regarded by watch enthusiasts for its high accuracy and reliability.  Add some economy to it and the result is the 7N01 quartz found in the Polar SUS - a masterpiece of Seiko and a fine step toward Grand Seiko.

We at NOSTIME was fortunate enough to have acquired one in our selection. Finding such gem is part of our ongoing mission to track down new old stock timepieces.


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